Sun Kissed - Details

Two young strangers fall in love in the desert in this sexy thriller


“From outdoor erotic showers to passionate lovemaking scenes, the actors display an almost intoxicating chemistry that glows at the heart of the film.” – NEXT Magazine

Young gay novelist Teddy (fresh-faced John Ort) settles in at a remote house in the California desert for a few weeks to finish his book. Enamored with the bisexual caretaker Leo (dark and dreamy Gregory Marcel), Teddy’s sensual pursuit of the mysterious stranger leads to a drunken sexual encounter. As their connection deepens, this remarkably sensual, smart and sexy movie becomes an increasingly spooky psychological thriller, building a complex tale of suspense and drama.

With a bright, upbeat soundtrack by popsters The Sea and Cake, Patrick McGuin’s debut feature is a lush cinematic celebration of male beauty in the style of such intimate gay film classics as The Living End and Together Alone.

"The cinematography is as gorgeous as the leads." –San Francisco Bay Times


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