David's Birthday - Details

A sweeping gay melodrama!


"A handsome production, slickly filmed and well-acted... [featuring] one of the most hot blooded and passionate love scenes between two men that I have ever seen." —CinemaQueer.com

While vacationing in an Italian summer home, happily married Matteo (Massimo Poggio) is surprised to find himself attracted to his best friend’s underwear-model son, David (real- life model Thyago Alves). The plot thickens when David appears to share Matteo’s lust. Although she can’t quite put a finger on the problem, Matteo’s wife (Maria de Medeiros) senses something has happened to their relationship.

"A homoerotic melodrama of operatic proportions. A classy production." —GayCelluloid.com

“Sweeping and operatic... gorgeous to look and listen to... artistically triumphant.” – New York Cool


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